Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dog Towels

Do your friends and/or family ever ask you to make things for them?  Mine do.  Sometimes they ask for some strange items, other times, simple ones.  This particular one is a bit strange, but quite useful!

A few weeks ago, my mom asked me to make some towels (or robes) for her dogs to wear after she gives them a bath.  She even made a prototype, if you will, out of an old dish towel, Fray Check, and Velcro.  

I used terry cloth for the towel, quilting cotton and Heat n Bond for the raw-edge appliqued circles, cord for the tie around the neck and Velcro to secure the flaps underneath the belly.  Here are some pictures of the finished towels in action.  She took them on her phone, so please excuse the quality.
I won't lie, the girls don't look thrilled, but I know my mom is enjoying her clean bathroom! :)

What do you make for your friends or family?  Have you had any interesting requests?


  1. Oh my goodness! This is so funny, but I totally understand the need! Millie really doesn't look like she appreciates the new towel/robe! How funny.

  2. this is very cute tho . . . and I understand the need! Marley has an annoying habit of rolling around on the ONE piece of carpet we own after he's had his bath grrrrrrr

  3. I make FOOD for my friends and family!

    I especially love to make a batch of cookies for Justin and then put about a dozen in the mail for my brother. He really appreciates them, and I feel it's my "job" until he finds a wife and I can just give her my cookie recipes!

    Are you teaching this year?