Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Clean Story

There once was a girl who bought a sewing machine.  She learned to sew straight lines, zigzags, and even attach a button or two.

This sewing girl then learned to quilt.  She spent hours and hours with her machine, but she never bothered to read the last part of her manual.  You know, the part that tells how to clean the machine.

Then one day, she decided to clean up her act...

She read and read, then brushed and picked.  And what did she find?

That an enormous dust bunny was living inside her machine and messing up her stitches!


She ended up vacuuming it all up, including an unsuspecting bobbin, poor guy.  Even with the casualty, she and her machine were very happy.

The moral of the story is, clean your sewing machine regularly to keep it running well.  And watch out for bystanders.  Poor bobbin.

The End.

{I may or may not be know the girl mentioned in the story.}


  1. That's funny! I think we've all discovered that!

  2. I think the dust bunny ate my sewing machine, using a pin as his sword. I'm sad to confess that I have cleaned out my sewing machine...ONCE. Scary.

  3. Fantastic........I may be another contender for that girl.....just off to clean up my act! Juliex

  4. I know mine is going to look like this!!! eeekkk.....Dust bunnies rule :)