Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craft Table

Somebody pinch me. It's finished! Thanks to my wonderful husband and plans from Ana at Knock-Off Wood, I have the most perfect and beautiful craft table. Now, my husband would be quick to point out his mistakes, but to me, it's sheer perfection!
Keep in mind, my crafting space used to look like this...
...and this.
I'm still not sure how to organize things like thread, ribbons, notions, scraps, etc. Any ideas? I'd love a little advice!


  1. I am a big fan of Ana's - I've made her toddler's picnic table.

    We've been looking for the perfect craft table - is it counter height (like for a cutting table)? Can you tell me what parts of the modular system you made, etc?

  2. I love looking at knock-off wood! So many great ideas. I'm a little jealous of your new craft table! Your old crafting space looks a lot like my current crafting space. Do you loan out your husband to make crafting tables for other people? :)

  3. i have been meaning to tell you my MIL has a craft table very similar that my FIL built for her. She also has AWESOME ways to organize ribbons, scraps etc. I will see if i can get a picture to you! it looks great!!

  4. Found you on Knock off wood. And your table is great! Do you mind me asking... what did you use for the top? Its stunning! Incredible job!