Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reverse Applique- Take One

So, I am slowly but surely conquering (okay, just visiting) the world of applique.  This project was a simple one, although looking back, I should have done several things differently.  You live and learn, right?  
These placemats measure approximately 14" x 18."
I pieced three 4" squares to make a strip and reverse appliqued it to the back of a piece of linen.  This is how I did the reverse applique:

1.  Mark the shape you want to leave open in the top fabric so that the bottom fabric shows through.
2.  Mark cutting lines in the center. Cut, clipping any curved edges that might need it.
3.  Fold the flaps under, and pin.
Right side
Wrong side
{and my nasty ironing board...I need to make a new cover for it!}
Put the wrong side of the top fabric up (as shown above).
I put a little Fray Check in the corners to keep them from fraying during this step.

4.  Using fusible web, fuse the bottom fabric to the wrong side of the opening, right side down.
5. Turn your fabric over and blind stitch the two layers together.  You can also top stitch around the opening if you want.
That's it!

There are several variations to this technique.  You can leave the edges raw instead of turning them under, especially if you are using a fabric that doesn't fray, like this one on a t-shirt from That Darn Cat.


  1. I love this and hadn't really come across the technique before. Juliex

  2. Oh this is a fun way to piece...years ago I did a Baltimore Album quilt and used this technique in several blocks. Love your idea to use it in a placemat! Very cute!