Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pinwheel Quilt Block Tutorial

I am so in love with this precious little quilt! The pinwheel blocks used to construct this quilt are just so adorable, don't you think?!

This quilt is now on sale in my Etsy Shop.

Do you want to make your own pinwheel quilt?? Here's how I did it...

Begin with two fabrics that compliment each other well, and cut each fabric into strips of equal size from selvage to selvage. Now, some people like to lay the fabric out to cut it, but to save time, I like to fold my fabric with the selvages meeting, then fold the creased edge up to meet the selvages as well. Then, use a rotary cutter, quilting ruler, and self-healing mat to cut your strips. I cut mine into 6" strips for the quilt above, but the quilt pictured below used 5.5" strips. Trim the selvages.

Lay out your strips right sides together.

Using a pencil, draw one line perpendicular to the cut edges the same distance as the width of your strips. If you cut 5.5" strips, your perpendicular line should be 5.5" away from the edge (which creates a square).

Draw another perpendicular line the same distance from your first line as the width of you strip. Continue until you have the desired number of squares. Each quilt block requires 4 squares.

Draw a diagonal line from the top of the first perpendicular line to the bottom of the second perpendicular line.
Now draw a line to connect the bottom of the second line to the top of the third line, and so on. I like to go back and pin where there are no diagonal lines, but that is up to you...

Using a 1/4" inseam (I use a 1/4" presser foot on my didn't come with my machine, so I bought one), sew on one side of your diagonal lines. Don't cut your thread until you get to the end. Simply raise the presser foot and rotate your fabric. When you have to make the turn inside the fabric, leave your needle down on the perpendicular pencil line and only raise the presser foot.

Then repeat on the other side of the diagonal lines. You should get something that looks like this...

Now cut your fabric on the pencil lines. Press your seams open toward the darker fabric.

Trim the tails and make sure your blocks are square using your ruler or a quilter's square.

Arrange your blocks so that the colors create a pinwheel. Notice the top row and the bottom row...

Sew the blocks in the top row together using a 1/4" inseam. Do the same for the bottom row. Press your new seams toward the dark.

Now, sandwich the two together. I only pin blocks that have seams when I'm quilting. I put one pin right through each seam I'm going to sew about 1/4" down.

Sew them together, and press the new seam open.

Now, pat yourself on the back, because you've just made the cutest pinwheel quilt block!

Post a comment here or email me if you have any questions! I'd love to help!

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