Friday, March 11, 2011

QAYG Blocks

After the earthquakes in New Zealand last month, Cat of Catalina's Cottage sent a call out for QAYG (Quilt As You Go) blocks.  She's using them to make quilts to comfort those affected in Christchurch.
Here are the ones I made.  These guys are on their way to NZ now.  I just hope they're not too late!  My heart's in the right place, but sometimes I can be slow getting things done...  
Anyway, I hope these blocks can bring some comfort to someone in New Zealand.  I can't imagine what they've been through, and thinking about them definitely puts my small worries into perspective.

I'm not sure how she puts them together.  I even read a tutorial on the subject, and it still eluded me.  I'm just glad she can use what I'm sending!
Thanks, Cat, for giving us a way to help.  


  1. And thank you so very much for doing this for Christchurch xxx
    BTW your blocks are gorgeous xxx

  2. love the blocks - are they strip-pieced?

  3. love the blocks, very pretty colors.

  4. Hey...I looked up QAYG and this tutorial seemed to make sense. I think you would have to be planning on a quilt with thin sashing if you wanted to QAYG. Here's the link that made sense to me:

    I liked that it had pictures. I didn't like that there would be a lot of slip stitching by hand required.